BTR NEWS: Zionism = Freedom w/ Chloe Valdary

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Tonight we will have a dialog with Chloe Valdary, a young woman who is featured in a video giving a speech on how Zionism to a obviously pro-Israeli crowd. Some of the listeners that viewed the video found it interesting to say the least.

We want to find out who Chloe Valdary is and what experiences she has had to shape her views on Zionism. We understand that with all the death in the Palestinian territories, tensions may be running high for some but if you call in to speak to our guest please remain respectful.

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2 Replies to “BTR NEWS: Zionism = Freedom w/ Chloe Valdary”

  1. The focus by the host on the DNA (the DNA!) of modern Jews is reminiscent of the NAZI preoccupation with genetic heritage. Judiasm is a religion. Israel is its undisputed historical home. The recent bloodshed is horrible. But by what ignorance of the heart and head does it lead your host into wishing to examine or judge the DNA (DNA!) of Jews? Has he read no history? Could anyone be that ignorant?

    1. Really you want to go there? Ok lets go there. Who said it is their first Amendment right to call for Genocide against the Palestinians? Both Chloe and that caller, its wrong but its ok under the first amendment, can not wait to put that clip out. Whose calling for the rape and murder of Palestinians? Whose Rabbis are giving blessings to kill civilians? Do i say those things but you want to compare me to a Nazi?

      Hell why bring up Germany when we live in America, a country built on genocide and slavery based on someones genetics and yes I do read history and the Nazis cited America’s racist polices and Eugenics programs that went on in some states like North Carolina long after the Nazis were defeated.

      The AshkeNAZI’s entire claim to the land is based on them saying they are the descendants of the Hebrew Israelites, descendants of the original people of that land and contrary to your statement, the guest cited genetic studies as well, well really she did not cause she could not remember.

      So you what you are saying is that they are really like Americans right, using religion to steal land. Using religion to practice Jim Crow. Doesn’t your bio say something about science but yet you want to reject science. I have two separate studies from two different geneticists proving they are your Europeans cousins with no connection to that area of the world. Of course you have to attack me with baseless claims to distract from the science. They are ones committing genocide and practicing racism, white supremacy using this young naive Black girl to further their propaganda.

      Jews a Race’ Genetic Theory Comes Under Fierce Attack by DNA Expert

      Read more:

      DNA research sheds light on ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews

      Thats count them, one, two separate studies by two separate scientist. The jig is up on the Khazarians.

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