BTR News: Asiatic Black Family Health w/ Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad

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Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad is a Sister Friend living quietly in Newark, NJ, and posting very loudly on the internet, in an attempt to alert the Black Community to the deliberately hidden dangers lurking in every aspect of modern life, especially for the uninformed and impoverished.

A lifelong self-employed artist in temporary retirement, 5 years ago, after becoming a vegan following the advice of her husband, she began investigating the health issues which aren’t covered by the mainstream media only to discover the entire paradigm of what everyone needs to live a long and vital life has been hijacked and replaced with a system that shuttles loving people from couch to costly drugs, and then to an early grave to help reduce that mythical ‘overpopulation’ the elite continuously proclaim will destroy us.

 That’s how she ran across the story of the nuclear disaster when it happened 3 years ago at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant and covered the increasingly dire updates on her Facebook page, ‘Asiatic Black Family Health’, where she alerts as many participants as she can about hidden truths surrounding health, political, spiritual and sometimes financial issues.

In the last year and half she’s become aware of the possible global Extinction Level Event (ELE) that Fukushima Fallout poses, and has doubled her efforts to alert the Black Community by starting another non-secular page in partnership with several Sisters and one Brother, ‘Nubian Survivors of Fukushima Fallout’. There they share both news about the ongoing catastrophe and all the remedies they have found for the inevitable damage radiation causes. She’s currently finishing her first novel which will present the disaster in an adventurous setting in order to alert the children to a reality with solutions, as it’s a reality that will be theirs and all the children’s to come after them, if We’re all blessed to continue our existence beyond the next generation.

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