Black Talk Radio: Ferguson, Riots or Rebellions? Non-violence or Resistance By Any Means Necessary?

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Tonight will be an open forum on the rebellions and revolts taking place in the State of Missouri and weigh the pros and cons of non-violent resistance and violent resistance. Is the criticism of those who are engaging the police and engaging in rebellious activities fair? Can non-violent tactics resolve the systemic problem of police violence and murder?

Examining these issues from a historic and contemporary perspective.

Get the free pdf Community Self Defense Manual and start organizing against police violence and murder in your community. Courtesy of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

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7 Replies to “Black Talk Radio: Ferguson, Riots or Rebellions? Non-violence or Resistance By Any Means Necessary?”

  1. This program is very informative … wow. What about the 3/5’s compromise is it still active along with the 13th amendment?

    1. Consider that those captured in Black districts are sented to slavery in prisons in white districts and then counted in Census as “residents” in those districts which assigns Federal representation and resources to the white districts.

      1. when is your next show so i can get out my views about these issues.
        i was on with aaaa and bafr and would like to join others in getting out a non boule view of what goes on in america

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