St. Louis County NAACP helping to vilify Michael Brown in the media

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Why is the NAACP repeating rumors that Michael Brown may have stolen some cigarettes? First it was candy now cigarettes. Next they will have him robbing the store. Then to say he was reaching for a cell phone like you are the authority on what happened totally contradicting what the young man said who was walking with Michael Brown.when he was gunned down. The friend walking with Brown said the cop yelled at them to get out the street while they were walking and they kept walking so the cop gets out his car to confront them. The NAACP needs to keep their mouths shut, They were not there and whose side are they on anyway, the police? Has the family asked them to speak? I don’t think so. Something tells me this may have been a Black proxy racist cop and he may be a member of the NAACP. I don’t know this but if she can run her mouth and speculate without any evidence then I guess I can as well.

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