Debate: Violence doesn’t work, only non-violent protest is successful


How much progress has “non-violent” protesting gotten non-white people in the past 50 years? Has the government been non-violent? We have thousands of people being shot down by cops in the streets, millions enslaved on prison plantations for “non-violent” crimes. Self-defense is common sense. All of these “non-violent” organizations with “vision” have accomplished what? Nothing. I’m not advocating blind rage with people running around killing “white” people who may or may not be racist. I am advocating that they do exactly what they are doing now, resisting white racist rule and authority even if they trot out a couple of non-white proxy racist as being in charge.

Think about it. It is portrayed acceptable for our children to join the military and practice violence on behalf of a racist system against other non-white people but somehow we are to believe it is unacceptable for those same children to practice violence in self defense of their own people’s freedom, liberty and human rights. Lets not get it twisted, this is not an armed rebellion in St. Louis county. If the masses or even a large group of people had been armed, trained and organized, it would not have even gotten to this point with terrorist fascist police overrunning their streets..

Did the authorities rush in on the Bundy Ranch? Did Governor Rick Perry call out the Texas National Guard? No they did not. Why? Because they were armed and ready to make a stand and millions of white people stood with them in solidarity. What are we non-white people doing? Some of us are trying to undermine their rebellion against oppression and trying to delegitimize it using the oppressor’s words like “rioting” and focusing on a “few” people looting. How do you know those “rioters” and “looters” are not government employed provocateurs. If you do not believe this is possible then you have not done any significant study on repressive government tactics in provoking violence and/or allowing a “few” people to commit lawless acts to discredit an entire movement and everyone participating in righteous struggle. The young generation has had enough and some of us in the older generations stand in solidarity with them and not with the oppressor or the lawless authorities. I am confident the young brothers and sisters will eventually work it out.

“In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent must have a conscience. The United States has none” – Stokely Carmichael, aka Kwame Ture

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