Enraged Free Ferguson protester cusses out “FOX News” propagandist

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Comprehend what this Fox News “reporter” said. Fox News is known to push racist propaganda to its viewers and this racist suspect just called protesters who defied an unconstitutional curfew that they forced to be lifted “Undignified”. When they moved to see if the fascist police forces had killed another person, the racist suspect reporter called it “child’s play” basically calling them children.

One protester totally comprehends that he and his comrades had just been insulted by this racist suspect so-called reporter and that the reporter does not know the source of the gunfire. He knew the “reporter” was implying that gunfire came from Free Ferguson Rebels which could have been the police murdering another person.

FOX NEWS practices racist propaganda “Journalism”. Instead of being objective, they marginalize non-white people who rebel against oppression. During their coverage of the Bundy Ranch standoff, they portrayed armed white men as “patriots”. This is how they keep people from focusing on a common oppressor (US Govt) and instead focused on undermining each other’s separate liberty movements.

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