Michael Dunn loses bid to move murder retrial out of Duvall county

9-13-2014 5-47-11 PM

Convicted on three counts of attempted murder of three teens at a Jacksonville, Florida gas station in November 2012, jurors were unable to agree on a guilty verdict pertaining to the one teen Michael Dunn did kill after confronting the teens which included his victim Jordan Davis over loud music. After hearing oral arguments presented by Dunn’s attorney Waffa Hanania on Thursday morning, Duval County Judge Russell Healey decided Dunn’s retrial will remain in Jacksonville.

Defense attorney Waffa Hanania tried to argue that the since the case has been highly publicized in the county, Dunn would be unable to get an impartial jury trial and sought to move the trial to another county. In letters from jail before his first trial, Dunn expressed he would like to have the trial in a county that was majority white predominantly white, republican and supporters of gun rights as if he was sure they would find him not guilty of murdering the teens before fleeing to his home over one hundred miles away from Jacksonville.

The retrial is scheduled to start on September 22, 2014, almost two years after Dunn gun downed unarmed teen Jordan Davis.

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