Pennsylvania public at risk as massive police search underway for cop killer

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If the manhunt for Christopher Doner showed us anything, it showed us that the public is at risk of being shot by trigger happy cops whenever law enforcement officers conduct massive manhunts for suspects in the shooting and killing of cops. One such manhunt is currently underway in and around Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania after two state troopers were shot outside of a police barracks during a late night shift change. Cpl. Bryon Dickson was killed and Trooper Alex Douglass was wounded in the deadly attack that occurred around 11:00pm EDT on Friday night.

The police have no suspects but are detaining 48 yr-old Jeffrey Hudak for questioning while telling the public no one is in custody or under arrest. Connie Devens, a spokeswoman for Troop R in Dunmore, Pa., told the AP. “Mr. Hudak is being questioned as a person of interest.” Authorities refused to answer question about if the attack was caught by surveillance cameras at the barracks.

State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan said that hundreds of people were being questioned and that hundreds more would also need to be questioned but did not indicate why hundreds of unidentified people are being questioned about the attack.

While it is not clear under what authority out of state law enforcement officers are operating under, it is being reported that cops from New York and New Jersey were participating in the hunt for suspects that the authorities have yet to release any kind of description or other identifying information on. It appears that authorities consider everyone a suspect in the area and residents would be wise to remain indoors and be very cautious if stopped or questioned by police. When Christopher Doner, the former Los Angeles Police Officer who reported a trainer for police brutality and later fired, waged a one man war on cops in and around Los Angeles, several innocent people who looked nothing like him were shot or fired upon by police officers.

Not only is there no description of the attacker or attackers in Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania but there is no known motive for the attack on the state troopers. Some are wondering that if in the wake of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson gunning down unarmed teen Michael Brown and other killings of unarmed people around the country has individuals looking to retaliate against the police state in America. Are there persons out there who are randomly looking to target cops because of the rampant police brutality and general lack of accountability in killer cop cases around the nation.

Earlier this week, 45-year-old Benito Gonzales of Sinton, Texas drove his truck into the building of the Patricio County sheriff’s office and then opened fire on deputies before being shot dead. That incident is still under investigation with no apparent motive for that attack.

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