Baltimore Police thugs force cop to resign over “snitching”

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A former Baltimore City detective resigned from the Baltimore Police Department after being targeted by thugs on the force making his work environment dangerous and unbearable. Detective Joe Crystal testified against two officers who beat a handcuffed suspect who were eventually convicted in misconduct trials. As is the case with most criminal gangs, Crystal was targeted by the department and called a snitch instead of being supported for doing the right thing.

Crystal said he was left in dangerous situations without back up and that a dead rat was left on the windshield of his vehicle. Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts did nothing to support Detective Crystal but instead payed lip service with talk of cleaning up the department of corruption. Crystal also did not receive any support from the FOP Lodge #3 is the Union that represents the close to five thousand (5,000) active and retired police officers of the Baltimore Police Department.

It is assumed that Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts played a role in the harassment of Detective Crystal with the police department opening up an investigation concerning allegations that Crystal gave his wife a ride home from work in a police vehicle. The department then attempted to coerce Crystal to keep his mouth shut about workplace intimidation if he promised not to sue the department they would drop an investigation into whether he drove his wife home.

At least one other officer has said that there are corrupt cops on the Baltimore police force. Baltimore Police Detective Efren Edwards who was on a recent community panel discussing police brutality at a Northwest Baltimore Church this week said that there are cops on the force who should not be armed with guns nor badges.

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