Is the lynch mob targeting the NFL still angry about OJ verdict?

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If you really want to know one of the possible reasons why politicians, mass media and the masses they control are focusing so much attention on the NFL and the issue of domestic violence then look no further than one Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson. It is not because TMZ published the Ray Rice video, as many believe, because Ray Rice and his wife Janay Rice have always been truthful about what happened between them that fateful night that changed both their lives in such a major fashion.

The video of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious finance’ out of a casino elevator after he knocked her out with one punch had already been published but perhaps it did not get the reaction the gossip entertainment website was looking for or TMZ simply withheld the rest of the video shot from the inside of the elevator to milk more traffic at a later date. Whatever the case, once the second video was published, all hell broke loose which can not be logically explained because Ray and Janay had already described what had happened and the public had already seen a video that was pretty bad in itself. The couple attempted to move on with their lives after the case was adjudicate in the courts but the lynch mob now in a frenzy wanted a death sentence for Ray and that is what they got with the NFL handing down an indefinite suspension just like the jailers who willingly gave up the intended victims of the lynch mobs past.

Once the second video was published, perhaps the rest of the media saw how much traffic and interest the story was generating so they started digging up more stories of NFL players who unfortunately made the mistake of committing acts of domestic violence or had simply been accused of the crime. It did not matter whether it was a felony assault or a misdemeanor assault, it did not matter if the players had been cleared or not, the lynch mob did not care and it follows no rules attributed to a civilized society.

When it came to the cases that were still pending before the courts and all the details were not nationally known, the lynch mob media and the politicians started gathering up pitchforks, lighting torches and checking their ropes as they prepared to target even more players. Due process? What is due process? Who cares about due process and why let the justice system get in the way of a good lynching?

However it still does not make sense that some of the most educated people in society, some of them charged with defending and upholding the constitution, people who at any other time would be bragging about how great America is and how it has the best judicial system in the world, could be so blood thirsty that they would just throw their alleged principles and oaths to the constitution out the window and get behind a metaphorical lynching.

Then it came to me, deep down inside they are still angry about the acquittal of O.J. Simpson on criminal charges that he killed his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her young lover, both found in a pool of blood nearly decapitated. The media, politicians and celebrity feminist attorneys dug up cases going back almost a decade involving NFL players so that they could make it appear to the public that the NFL has a systemic domestic violence problem among its players which is not the case. Let us pause for a minute and ask ourselves why they are not publishing the videos of cops beating their girlfriends and wives or talking about the one group of professionals who engage in domestic violence at twice the rate of the national average but held up as role models and good people. If the real intent is to address a systemic issue in America and the hope is to solve it, why not expand the discussion beyond the NFL and its players and focus the most attention on those who commit the crime the most.

If you can think of no logical reason why law enforcement officers are not the target of this lynch mob despite having a real systemic problem within their ranks, then just think back to the trial of O.J. Simpson and you will have your answer. It seems logical to me that they still want to punish the Black community for which they blame because a predominant Black jury found OJ Simpson innocent. What is happening now is nothing short of malice being directed at the NFL’s players. The three players still going through the legal process in the legal system may consider a plea deal because the media and their cohorts have made it nearly impossible for them to get an impartial jury if they want to go to trial. In the meantime, the lynch mob is doing all it can to pressure the NFL moving forward to put a system in place outside of the courts that would allow for the automatic lynching of any NFL player accused of this specific crime, due process be damned.

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