US Justice System is not broken, it is racist

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In 2013 US Attorney General Eric Holder citing sentencing guidelines, statistical data and the makeup of the prison population stated to the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates in a speech that the US Justice system was broken. The National Association of Assistant US Attorneys afterwards sent out an open letter to the Attorney General that stated the system was not broken but working like it was designed to work. Thats right, the assistants of those who work under Eric Holder, who is a Black man, penned a public letter basically telling him he is full of nonsense. The letter reeked of insubordination.

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2 Replies to “US Justice System is not broken, it is racist”

  1. I agree with Attorney General Holder, the system is not broken it is racist. Thanks for speaking the truth.

    1. Holder did not use those exact words, those are my words, Holder said ii was “broken” but he did point out the racist aspects of the system in his speech.

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