Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Norberto Gonzalez held past release date

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During his imprisonment, Norberto Gonzalez Claudio was denied medical treatment for his cancer; had his orthopedic shoe taken from him; wasn’t allowed to receive his mail; and denied visitation from family and legal counsel. Now, he is being kept in prison with no set release date. Norberto was supposed to be released on Sept. 7th, but prison officials told his family and legal counsel that that date was incorrect.

All of this makes no sense! It had been clearly established that Sept. 7th would be his release date. Despite inquires from his lawyers, no date has been established. On October 6th, a hearing will be held at Norberto’s penitentiary with his lawyers to discuss his release date, which could be in January 2015 or later.

Join ProLibertad as we denounce the U.S. government’s railroading of Norberto’s family and legal counsel. Join us as we demand Norberto’s immediate release! Monday Oct. 6, 2014.

Monday Oct. 6, 2014 @ 5pm Picket at 26 Federal Plaza New York, New York Take the 4, 5, or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall BRING YOUR FLAGS, CANDLES, FLOWERS, PANDERETAS, PLACARDS, AND PICTURES FOR OUR COMMUNITY ALTAR!

Message from Orlando and Avelino González Claudio on the imprisonment of their brother Norberto

The Department of Justice of The United States, through the Federal Bureau of prisons and the Probation Board, want to leave the Patriot Norberto González Claudio imprisoned even after he has completed his mandatory sentence on September 7, 2014. This represents a cruel and unusual punishment in retaliation for Norberto’s protest and for maintaining an upright position before the abuses to which he is constantly subjected in prison. Our brother was informed, in spite of the fact the Federal Bureau of prisons designates his release date as on September 7, 2014, the Probation Board will hold a hearing on October 6, 2014 to determine his release date, which, according to them, will be on an imprecise date in 2015. As a matter of fact we must remember that Norberto González Claudio reached a plea agreement with the federal prosecutor’s office that among other things: • Recognized him as a political prisoner, and • Set a sentence of 5 years, and in accordance with applicable law when the facts of the indictment occurred, he will be release after 2/3 parts of the sentence occurred. This agreement was approved by the judge and on the basis of that agreement the sentence was issued. Under this agreement the date of release; of the double punishment of prison and exile to a Dungeon in Yankee territory; was set for September 7, 2014. This is the date it has always being shown and still shows in the web page of the Federal Bureau of prisons (to see it go to www.bop.gov and enter 09864-000 in the box for the number of the prisoner). It looks like that for the Department of Justice the agreements with the Puerto Rican patriots are just wet paper, worthless. May it be that what they are looking for is to buy time to murder our brother Norberto and then assembled it as a suicide scene (as they did fellow Patriot and martyr Angel Rodríguez Cristóbal)? Norberto has been victimized by the Federal Bureau of prisons since incarcerated. A year after being in their custody Norberto found a lesion on his leg. After waiting for months to finally be seen by a medical Dr. Norberto was diagnosed with skin cancer but never informed of a second cancerous lesion found by the Dr. during the examination and for which he has never been treated. We understand that the life and freedom of our dear brother and colleague, Norberto González Claudio, will be in danger while he is under the custody of the United States Department of Justice. We demand that the Plea Agreements be dully honored and that our brother, Norberto González Claudio, be released as agreed. We call on all people of good faith and will to protest this one more chapter of the abuses to which the fighters for independence and national liberation of our homeland are subjected.

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign For more information on ProLibertad contact us at ProLibertad@Hotmail.com or at the ProLibertad Hotline: 718-601-4751 Visit our website: www.ProLibertadweb.org

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