South Africa’s whites only town

Zimbabwe-born Stanley Kwenda recently conducted a tour of South Africa’s all-white town of Orania, which was founded by Mr. Boshoff Snr as a registered company shortly before apartheid white rule ended in the early 1990s.

Some whites in South Africa see Orania as the answer for “Afrikaners” who felt displaced in the country their ancestors ruled for many decades through racism and white terrorism. One of the older residents of the racist white only town, Martin Kemp told Kwenda he saw nothing wrong with apartheid.

“I see nothing wrong with apartheid,” says Martin Kemp, one of the older residents.

“Of course you get the petty apartheid: ‘You use this toilet I use that toilet’, I don’t think that was necessary but the real apartheid as Dr Verwoerd saw it, there was nothing wrong with it,” he said.

While the Orania elected leaders bar Blacks from the town, they all proclaim, “We are not against black people. We are for ourselves,”.

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