Black Talk Media Project receives $2,000 donation from founder

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The founder and president of the Black Talk Media Project, Scotty Reid recently donated $2,000 to the state non-profit new media organization based in North Carolina.

After falling short of the $5,000 goal in its first annual fundraising campaign held earlier this year by $4,500, Scotty Reid felt the personal donation was needed in order to ensure the future of the work of the Black Talk Media Project in elevating Black media through various means at least for the last quarter of the broadcasting year.

The Black Talk Media Project was started with a mission to support independent Black media producers, create digital radio programming and to assist in the establishment of regional independent Black digital radio stations.

In 2008, the organization saw a need not only for radio programming made specifically to inform and educate the global Black community but also for communities to build their own platforms to host honest straightforward discussions about the political and social issues they face without worrying about censorship, political correctness or appeasing corporate sponsors. Scotty Reid, the Black Talk Media Project founder, launched the organizations main web property, Black Talk Radio Network in 2008.

“It’s a visible way to show donors that I appreciate their giving and that I am as invested in the organization’s mission and day to day operations as anyone and wanted to ensure the work continues for as long as it possibly can. I wanted to also inspire others to give who appreciate the work we are engaged in.” – Scotty Reid

If you would like to support New Black Media for the New Millennium, you can make a one time donation of any amount or set up an auto-donate subscription every month via PayPal to the Black Talk Media Project.

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