Calm down! Ebola Virus has not been found in hair weave packs

Fake Ebola News

Social media is abuzz with a photoshopped CNN screengrab that pushes a fake story that the Ebola Virus ravaging West African countries has made its way to the United States in packs of “hair weave”. Not that its possible to transmit the Ebola virus through weave made from human hair but most commercially sold hair weave comes from Asia and India, not Africa. Even if it was remotely possible to transmit Ebola in such a manner, India and Asia are not experiencing an Ebola outbreak.

Despite rumors, the Ebola Virus has not been reported to be airborne. A UN health officials did say the virus could mutate and become airborne the longer it remains in the human population but there are no reports at this time that the Ebola strain killing people in West Africa has mutated.

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