Black foster teen racially profiled by “neighbors” almost killed by cops

18-year-old highschool student DeShawn Currie, who is Black and a child of the North Carolina foster system, has been living with a white foster family. DeShawn’s foster parents Ricky and Stacy Tyler and their three small children are all white and along with DeShawn, have been living in Wake County, North Carolina for about a year.

Wake County has a population of 974,289 and 69.3% of residents are “White alone” and 21.4% classified as “Black or African American alone”. Over the summer, the family moved to Fuquay-Varina which is located in Wake County and has a White population of 72.3% and 19.7% of the residents are identified as Black or African-American. The Fuquay-Varina police department appears to be all white.

The Tylers say they love DeShawn as their own son and they have taken him into their home through the foster system in hopes they can give him a “safe and loving environment”. We don’t know about that but It is safe to say that Black people are not safe and can not feel secure in any place in the United States, particularly those who are teens and young adults. Every week there are new reports of police using excessive force and acts of homicide against Black teens. DeShawn is one of the “lucky” few who survived as many cops make the decision to just gun down people where they stand.

The 911 caller must be questioned about their decision to make a false burglary report in this case. Did the “neighbors” who made the burglary report go to greet the Tylers who had been in the “neighborhood” for several months. Did they observe DeShawn Currie removing items from the home and loading them into a vehicle? Did they observe any criminal activity at all? Obviously the answer is no, no and no!

A false report of an attempted burglary led to Jonathan Ferrell being shot down in the street by Randall Kerrick, a former Charlotte Mecklenburg Police officer who is facing criminal charges. A blatantly malicious false 911 report made by Ronald Ritchie led to the recent murder of John Crawford III who was gun downed on sight by Beavercreek Police Sean Williams in an Ohio Walmart.

The Fuquay-Varina Police department is located at 114 N Main St, Fuquay Varina, NC, Phone:(919) 552-3191.

DeShawn Currie

Last week the department received the following Google Reviews.

Google Reviews Fuquay-Varina Police Department

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Fuquay-Varina made national headlines last month when a biology teacher who has been teacher at Fuquay-Varina High School since 2000, compared public schools to concentration camps for christian children.

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