White Ferguson protester allegedly defends black woman from police assault


A video of a white protester in Ferguson, Missouri is attracting big interest on Facebook as the video shows a white male stepping in to pull away a black woman who was being arrested by a Ferguson police officer. When the other Ferguson police officers attempt to arrest the white male who is currently only known as “St. Wou”, the majority black protesters move in on the police to prevent his arrest.

In the Facebook video post, St. Louis activist Aminah Ali says that the white male known as St. Wou, “saved a girl from getting hit”. Aminah Ali describes herself as an active protester and native of Ferguson who is seeking justice and equality for all, is collaborating with Dontey Carter to start a “Ferguson Awareness Movement“. Carter describes himself as an pro-activist and formerly a member of Lost Voices. Lost Voices is a facebook group with “members that came together After The Fatal Shooting Of Mike Brown”.

The incident seems to follow along the same story line as one that came out of Washington, DC a week ago when video posted online by the Washington Post, showed white attorney Jody Westby coming to the defense of black handyman Dennis Stucky, who had been stopped by two cops in the upscale Foxhall Crescent neighborhood.

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