FOX Business News segment shows that chattel slavery is still profitable in the USA

The fight to end the vile, violent and state sponsored institution of chattel slavery in the United States is not over by any means. This fact is evident when the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution allows chattel slavery to operate under the guise of punishment for crime and outlets like Fox News are running “business programming” promoting investment in modern day slavery.

The fact that slavery remains a profitable pillar of the US economy was recently underscored by a Fox Business News report on the Fox News cable channel. The special guest Reva Shakkottai who is the V.P of RBC Wealth Management was nonchalantly promoting investment in Wall Street publically traded stocks of private prison enslavers like the GEO Group and public bonds offered by the state of California which has a prison population over 150% of prison capacity because it refuses to release non-violent so-called drug offenders whom make up the bulk of the prison population. Many of the enslaved are occupying prison cells over cannabis possession in the racist so-called war on drugs.

Since the passage of the 13th Amendment in 1865, Congress and the states have passed laws used to enforce 13th Amendment based slavery to charge non-white people, particularly Black people, with crimes and bogusly convict them. These victims of racism also known as white supremacy are put back into a state of enslavement under various names. Today the public calls it “mass incarceration” as opposed to the “convict leasing system” that sprang up immediately following the 13th Amendment in 1865.

Anyone that believes that slavery was abolished in the United States of America believes in a myth that was erected around the legacy of US President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, a former lawyer whose administration constructed the slavery concessions to the former confederate states to end the war is falsely hailed as a martyr of the ongoing rebellion against institutional slavery.

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