Newly released video shows Saginaw cops brutally executing mentally ill Michigan man

New video shows execution of Milton Hall by Saginaw police in Michigan in 2012. Milton Hall was 49-years-old homeless and suffering from mental illness when he was executed in a parking lot by Saginaw cops. Hall allegedly only possessed a pen knife he pulled out to defend himself against a potential attack from a K-9 (dog) being used to terrorize him.

Up to eight Saginaw cops are seen forming a firing squad line and executed Milton Hall shooting him over 45 times. There was no regard for Mr. Hall’s life irregardless that he was reportedly homeless and suffering from mental illness. There was no regard for the public.

As in the cases of Trayvon Martin, Miriam Carey and a number of countless police murders of Black people, the US Justice Department investigated Mr. Hall’s case for two years and as is usually the case, determined that the Saginaw cops did nothing wrong or the DOJ could not find “sufficient evidence of willful misconduct”.

400 years of oppression and its still open season on Black people in the USofA. Its a war zone out here in these streets and Black people are behind enemy lines.

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