BTR Live Drive At Five: Armored vehicles reportedly staging around Ferguson

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Ejim Dike, Executive Director of U.S. Human Rights Network joins Black Talk Radio to discuss police terrorism and report on presentations being presented by several groups, organizations and individuals to the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva, Switzerland this week.

In the News Today,

  • Sadistic prisoner guards anally rape political prisoner Albert Woodfox repeatedly with their fingers
  • Veteran Radio personality and Black activist Bob Law’s concerns about “Black Talk Radio“.
  • Does a former New Mexico state prisoner have buried evidence of human rights crimes against prisoners at the “Old Main” prison south of Santa Fe, New Mexico? The prison had a major rebellion in 1980.
  • A Black pastor tells his congregation that cell phones lead to child slavery in Africa.
  • The parents of murdered teen Michael Brown among many to present evidence of police terrorism to the UN Committee against Torture
  • Are Armored Personnel Carriers staging in and around Ferguson?

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