Underground RailRoad: War on Black people

Clifton Bradley’s panel discussions on the cable access program Underground Railroad. The panel discusses police terrorism against Black communities.

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2 Replies to “Underground RailRoad: War on Black people”


    I am a 57 year old single Black father/activist/ and taking care of my 87 year old (War World II Veteran) father alone in this deep racist Southeast Missouri (Charleston, Missouri).

    I been living here for the past 19th years battling racial injustices against Blacks and personal attacks against my household and I.

    Please view my two YouTube Channels and share them to anyone that are Abe and willing to help us get our over due justice from these cruel and evil Jim Crow rulers and these sellout blacks.

    My two YouTube channels:

    1) “Raymond Ivy YouTube Channel”

    2) “ivyraylouis YouTube Channel”

    Thank all of you in advance’

    Raymond Louis Ivy


    My name is Raymond Louis Ivy, I am a 57 year old Black single father taking care of my two young daughters (9 & 10 years old), and I have my 87 year old (War World II Veteran) dad also.

    I been an activist for the 19th years I been living in Charleston, Missouri, battling against white supremacist and sellout blacks.they have been attacking my household and I for several years now attempting to silence me. We don’t have any help nor support from any of the: groups, leaders, organizations, preachers, not even the NAACP president and his members in this city of 5,948 people; Blacks are 51% and Whites are 45%, but Blacks has no authority over anything in this city.

    PLEASE, someone have the “Underground Rail Station air our YouTube videos and our story of the miscarriage of justice that’s been happening to my household and I in this city. Please share them with someone that can help us get justice.

    My two YouTube channels are:

    1) “Raymond Ivy YouTube channel”

    2) “ivyraylouis YouTube channel”

    Thank you all in advance,

    Raymond Louis Ivy (573) 931-9626
    P.O. Box 131
    Charleston, Missouri 63834

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