Proxy racist cop beats man with a baton over train fare

The Grio is reporting that 20-year-old “Donovan Lawson, had “doubled up” with his friend; he went through a turnstile in the same swipe at the friend. Lawson sat down on a nearby bench, and that’s when, according to witness Marielle Anas, the officer started throwing punches.”

Witnesses also claim that the unidentified NYPD cop hit the young man so hard with a baton that blood started spraying from his head and onto those watching.

As you can see the cop and his victim are Black and therefore some who have commented on the video say it isn’t about race.

“This has nothing to do with race this time. This has to do with a man being brainwashed by the police department to be a Nazi. Vicious, no better than the KKK. I hear the comment in the end about expecting to see this from a white officer, not a black officer. The police no matter what race they are are all mentally destroyed, to go into machine mode and KILL!” – Joey Binky

Here is the thing though about when Black cops beat or mistreat and abuse the authority invested in them a system of white supremacy. How many Black cops do we hear about beating white kids up or shooting them dead in the streets? The term for non-white people who practice systemic racism against other non-whites is called PROXY RACISM. Proxy racists do what they do to advance in a system of white supremacy and the police are protectors of the racist system.

This is also a perfect example that anyone who believes that the solution to police brutality in places like Ferguson is to hire more Black cops are not being serious about solving the problem of the racist terrorism non-white people face everyday from police in America.

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