New Abolitionists Radio – We Charge Genocide and Slavery

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Page May is an organizer with the group “We Charge Genocide”, which fashions itself after the 1951 petition to the U.N. from which their name is derived. New Abolitionists Radio invited Page to discuss the group’s recent trip to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, where they presented evidence of systemic torture, abuses and murder at the hands of American law enforcement. We‘ll air the interview tonight.

* You, Ferguson, Mike Brown’s parents and the whole world
heard the decision of the grand jury. No indictment. A federal investigation still ensues. We’ll talk about it all.

* Christopher Epps, Mississippi’s longest-serving corrections commissioner is arraigned on charges of corruption, bribery and conspiracy. An entire states prison system exposed as corrupt beyond all doubts. You better believe abolitionists have an opinion.

* Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s corrections chief, Mike Crews, announced Monday he is stepping down from the agency grappling with reports of abuse, brutality, murder and human rights violations. Including allegations of retaliation against whistle blowers and a multi million-dollar deficit. We’re keeping you updated on ground zero.

* Tamir Rice, a 12 year old boy was shot by 26 year old policeman Timothy Loehman, who was appointed to the force this year and was
identified as the officer who fired on Tamir, and 46-year-old Frank Garmback, this past Saturday in Cleveland Ohio. We’ll tell you more shortly.

Our state constitution under review this week. (Utah)
Our abolitionist in profile is Benjamin “Pap” Singleton

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