The C.O.W.S. w/ Amanda Epe: A Fly Girl (UK)

Monday, December 22nd 3:00PM Eastern/ 12:00PM Pacific

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listen-000000The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Ms. Amanda Epe live from the United Kingdom. Ms. Epe grew up in England in a predominantly White environment. We’ll discuss her 2014 publication, A Fly Girl: Travel Tales of an Exotic British Airways Cabin Crew. She offers candid insight on the Racism she encountered in her effort to become one of the few black flight attendants. As is often the case, she had to navigate what to do with her natural hair in order to be perceived as “professional.” We’ll also get her views of the black population in the United States; she talks extensively of her connection to African American entertainers from KRS-1 to Bill Cosby. We’re curious to hear her thoughts on the much publicized allegations against Mr. Cosby. As Ms. Epe was in England at the time Stephen Lawrence was murder by White Terrorists, we’re excited to get her outlook on the recent protests surrounding the shooting deaths of Michael Brown, Jr., Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and many other black people. Brown was killed nearly three years to the day of Mark Duggan being killed in London; his death sparked the 2011 London Riots. We’ll also make time to discuss the myth of White ignorance.

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