Will the bodies from missing flight found in waters off Indonesian bring attention to ongoing genocide

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The missing AirAsia Flight 8501 has been found with debris and bodies being appearing just off the Indonesian coast. While the loss of the lives of 162 people in this tragic accident, the world has largely ignored the hunting and murder of possibly a thousand or more victims of the Indonesian military against the people of West Papuan who want their independence from the brutal regime. Indonesia is known as a source of cheap textile labor exploited by western corporations.

The US State department has been silent about the atrocities of its Asian ally where President Obama spent part of his youth while his mother worked as a US AID spy in the country.

A Facebook page titled “Free West Papua Campaign” has been documenting the crimes against humanity that are ongoing. With the attention that the airline accident is bringing, the people of West Papua can only hope the world will take notice of their plight. The pages says, “The Free West Papua Campaign exists to alert the world to the ongoing genocide in West Papua, which is under brutal Indonesian military occupation, and to lay the road to full freedom and independence for the West Papuan people.”

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