New Abolitionists Radio – Adelanto, California citizens stand up to stop another GEO Group private prison

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Tonight on New Abolitionist’s Radio we will be joined by Dawn Renee, the “Self Esteem Queen“- an educator, activist, poet and abolitionist- among other things. Sister Dawn will break down for us the situation in Adelanto, CA.- a town where they are facing a $2.6-million deficit and they are considering building a jail to house L.A. County inmates- this would be their 4th prison in a town of less than 35,000 citizens.


In the news,  


Plaintiffs in two separate cases filed federal class action lawsuits against Ferguson and nearby Jennings, MO. over what they allege are municipal court systems that essentially operate as modern-day debtors’ prisons, targeting poor African-Americans for arrest and incarceration.


The New Abolitionists will tie those stories to a similar finding in a New York Times article detailing how jails have become warehouses for the poor, mentally ill and drug addicted.


In a recent article Fordham Law School Professor  John Pfaff thinks he’s why so many Americans are incarcerated- his scientific findings have nothing to do with slavery. The New Abolitionists will have to take back control of the narrative.


Our Abolitionist in Profile will be Caroline Still Wiley Anderson, physician and educator (1849-1919).


Our exonerated profile is John Conover who spent two years in jail after being falsely accused of killing his neighbor with a baseball bat.


Become a New Abolitionists and help us educate and agitate for an end to 21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking. Join us on Facebook at Move To Abolish 21st Century Slavery! Follow our Facebook page and Twitter page.


Sign the petition supporting the REDEEM ACT which is bi-partisan legislation introduced by Senator Rand Paul and Senator Corey Booker that would end life time punishment of people convicted of non-violent crimes.

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