The Abolitionist’s Daily – 2/17/2015

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Today on The Abolitionist’s Daily, we’ll take a look at the ever worsening situation in the Alabama DOC. Currently Alabama is at over 190% of capacity, and after a series of inmate deaths, the never settled allegations of widespread rape of inmates by staff, and other human rights violations, the federal government is very close to stepping in. We will compare this situation to the overpopulation problem in California from 2011, and see if there any tips the deep south can take from the wild west.

With the likelihood that Jeb Bush will be running for President in 2016, we will take a look back at a time when he openly supported and encouraged more private prisons. We see that he was able to pull that off in his state of Florida. Has he joined the rest of his Republican comrades in pushing for prison reforms now? Or is he still on the private prison tit? Let’s follow the money and find out where Jeb stands.

Boston Using Prison Labor To Shovel Heaps Of Snow In Frigid Temperatures For Pennies- yeah, modern day slavery, its real.

In the wake of reports of widespread maltreatment and rising inmate deaths, Florida DOC Secretary Julie Jones said that she plans to renegotiate — or ultimately toss out — health care contracts worth $1.3 billion. We’ll dig a little deeper into Corizon’s troubles not only in Florida- but all over the country. To date the company has over 600 lawsuits pending.

Today’s Abolitionist of the Day is Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson, as his Conviction Review Unit continues to expand its search into the arrests of crooked NYPD Detective Louis Scarcella’s arrests, and former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes’ convictions. Recently DA Thompson went forward with an indictment against the NYPD officer who killed Akai Gurley.

Today’s Unexplainable Black Death profile will be Rafael Briscoe, a young high school athlete who was killed in a drive by shooting- carried out by D.C.’s finest…

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