The Abolitionist’s Daily – Hallelujah! It’s President’s Day 2015!

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Today on The Abolitionist’s Daily- It’s President’s Day 2015, and here we are still caught up in slavery and human trafficking.
I will highlight and contrast stories regarding slavery from two of America’s most beloved former Chief Executives- President George Washington, and President Abraham Lincoln. With a “Ten Facts About Washington & Slavery” article from the George Washington website Mount, I will discuss with you how our first founding father forged a path for the future of this country, with slavery as his own personal wealth building foundation.

Also, I will “Denounce the So-Called Emancipation as a Stupendous Fraud“, the line of the great ancestor Frederick Douglass, and remind you that even though America recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 31st- America never actually ended slavery. In fact, Lincoln was the architect of slavery’s transformation from public, to government control.

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