Black Talk Radio News – USA told to repeal 13th Amendment & Libya, lies, bombs and terrorists

Efia Nwangaza on Venezuela ‘s 13th Amendment Recommendation and UPR Process

During today’s first hour we will be joined by human rights activist and political prisoner advocate Efia Nwangaza. Ms. Nwangaza has quietly been in the mix of international efforts to address a number of human rights issues before the United Nations. Ms. Nwangaza recently brought to our attention that the nation of Venezuela as part of the Universal Periodic Review has called on the United States to repeal the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution that allows for the enslavement of people as punishment for “crimes” they have been convicted of in American courts. We will discuss slavery under the 13th Amendment and ask Ms. Nwangaza to explain the UPR process. Ms. Nwangazawill also inform us about two upcoming events occurring in relation to the Universal Periodic Review.

 Overthrowing Libya with lies, bombs and terrorist proxies

During the second hour we will be joined by Alex Newman who is a writer and political commentator that writes for several conservative/libertarian publications. Mr. Newman has written about the lies that were put forth by members of the Obama administration, including the Democrat’s presumed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, to justify a military attack on Libya to topple its autocratic leader Muammar Gaddafi. Since the overthrow of the Libyan government, Libya has turned into a training ground for Islamic militants who stand accused of beheading 21 Egyptian Christians last week. We will discuss these issues with Mr. Newman today.

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