The Abolitionist’s Daily – 2/19/2015 Reform Is On The Way In Florida

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The Florida Senate Criminal Justice Committee seems to have sparked to life lately…almost 3 years after horrific headlines, record numbers of inmate deaths, health care meltdowns and an ever increasing budget have brought national attention.

Committee chairman state Sen. Greg Evers of Baker hailed the passage of a bill he co-authored through his committee, but where has the committee been for the last several years, while the FDOC has been falling apart?

Finally, somebody else sees it, and is saying the same thing we have been saying about American foreign policy, and the war crime of hypocrisy. How are we spreading all this democracy- and America is a slave state?

In Oklahoma’s prison system, inmates spend millions of dollars a year from their trust accounts, buying canteen items and paying restitution, fines and other costs. That money is deposited into inmates’ “trust fund accounts” that are part of the Department of Corrections’ offender banking system. We’re going to talk about two private companies that provide banking services in prisons under state contract, who tack on fees, you won’t believe how much those fees add up over time.

In our final news segment, since we gave the majority of the program time yesterday to the GEO Group’s 4th Quarter Earnings Call, and based on listener response to hearing that powerful information- we’ll take a look today at the same call held by CCA just last week, and compare slaver’s notes and plans.

Our Abolitionist of the day is George Mallinckrodt, psychotherapist, former FDOC employee and author of the book, “Getting Away With Murder”, the story of the death of inmate Darren Rainey.

Our Unexplainable Black Death Profile is Brother Dante Parker.

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