The Abolitionist’s Daily – Back To Willacy Slavery Rebellion, We Dig Deeper Into the Revolt

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The Abolitionist’s Daily goes back to the scene of the latest uprising and we reveal even more details surrounding what led to the revolt. This is the current epicenter of plantation political unrest, and we’re doing our part to help you connect the dots, and paint the picture of modern day slavery.

We take a look into the secretive “Criminal Alien Requirement” or “CAR” prisons for immigrants. CCA, GEO Group, and MTC, all three of the biggest private prison providers run CAR facilities for the Bureau of Prisons, and they earn big bucks to do it. Apparently the rape, abuse and slavery just comes with the territory.

Attorney General Eric Holder has made himself a bit of a media darling lately for his comments regarding social issues like police brutality and criminality- especially speaking up about the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but noted author James Bovard details a long history of Holder’s turning a blind eye to police lynching would be slaves, and we look into that history as well.

In Arizona a federal judge approved a settlement that will provide improved health-care coverage for about 34,000 Arizona inmates in state-run facilities. Of course it comes at a cost to taxpayers- estimated to be at least $8 million a year. You’re welcome.

Our Unexplainable Black Death profile is Amadou Diallo

Our Abolitionist of the Day is John Legend, for his statement in accepting an Academy Award.

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