New Abolitionists Radio – Chicago’s War On Terror Techniques Torture and Black Sites

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Tonight on New Abolitionists Radio we will break down the recent slave revolt at Willacy County Correctional, down in South Texas. Now that the smoke has cleared, the New Abolitionists will tell you the what/when/why and how all of this could happen. Is this the only way to bring about an end to modern day slavery and human trafficking- revolt?

The Memphis, Tennessee Police Department is threatening to demote dozens of African American police officers simply because they are standing up to racism in the department. Officials with the Memphis police say that African American cops would be forced to pay back money they earned after receiving promotions if they don’t back down from their claims against the department. In this battle against modern day slavery, we’re all gonna have to make some sacrifices- can these cops step across the “Blue Line” and stand up for their own rights?

A Chicago detective who led one of the most shocking acts of torture ever conducted at Guantánamo Bay was responsible for implementing a disturbingly similar, years-long regime of brutality to elicit murder confessions from minority Americans. That’s right- War on Terror tactics used against the poor and people of color, right here in the heart of AmeriKKKa. Plus, we’ll tell you about a 2nd bombshell that dropped, related to this story- Chicago cops have been running CIA styled “Black Sites” for nearly a decade, maybe longer. Snatching up citizens, secretly torturing and questioning citizens, with absolutely NO regard for their Constitutional rights.

In our final headline news segment, we’ll tell you about a Corizon medical doctor who works for GEO Group, who lets his fingers do the walking when it comes to treating inmates… he makes sure to perform unauthorized and completely invasive “prostate exams” on anyone who comes to see him with an injured ankle, with minor foot fungus or basically any type of illness or injury- everybody gets the finger. Inmates have filed several civil suits and we have the details.

Our Abolitionist in Profile is Samuel Cornish (1795 – 6 November 1858)- an American Presbyterian minister, abolitionist, publisher and journalist.

Our Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is Susan Marie Mellen.

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