Thando Radio Show – THE OOGA BOOGER MAN IS REAL I M SUPER CEREAL DHS Head Janet Napolitan…

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Join your host David Wren with special guest A&B. If you listen to the government spokespersons they always tell you the keys to their plans.

The Thando Radio Show covers global current events as relating and effecting the Black community to effectively respond from a position of advantage. Some of the topics that are explored will be how to purchase Silver & Gold and why one should have investments in Precious Metals. In the area of health we discuss things like how to strengthen and detox one’s body. Collective prudence and why the Black community must engage in this form of economics.

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2 Replies to “Thando Radio Show – THE OOGA BOOGER MAN IS REAL I M SUPER CEREAL DHS Head Janet Napolitan…”

  1. I just don’t understand why would one want to live after a major disaster. If my family dies, there is no reason to stay here in America,. The powers that be are going to take care of white people before black people. They just may kill us and eat us if it gets that bad. Who has the guns ? Their may be no laws. It may be like “The Purge.” Who is to say we will be protected ? If my family goes,,,
    I go. I rather take my chances with the other side. Life is not worth living if I do not have my family and friends.
    PERIOD!!!!! Why would I want to stay alive here in America…….they are killing us slowly every day. We are ALREADY THE WALKING DEAD TO THEM

    Really, do you think they are going to be good to US in the time of

    What about the military police, they may be allowed to search our
    homes and OUR seize food supplies.???

    We will not be the ones they will try to HELP.

    I love the song you play about the girl not having nothing and is
    beautiful. Who is the singer and name of the record.

    P.S. Do you think I am being rational or not?

    Great show, it is so refreshing to here informative brothers talking about how to handle your money and take precautionary measures to protect yourselves from a major disaster.

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