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March 10, 2015

In nearly a week since the U.S. Justice Department released a report detailing systemic racial profiling and police terrorism of people of color, are the Ferguson “riots” now justified? We know that nearby Jennings, MO. shut down its police department, and now Ferguson is under threat from the Attorney General that they can be dismantled also- is this time for the New Abolitionists movement to lead the way in a strike against the entire system of “justice” itself?

“The mass incarceration of primarily poor people of color, people who seldom have access to adequate legal defense and who are often kept behind bars for years for nonviolent crimes or for crimes they did not commit, is one of the most shameful mass injustices committed in the United States.”~ Chris Hedges Today we’ll look at a report from the Vera Institute of Justice, that gives us more evidence that “nearly 75% of the population of both sentenced offenders and pretrial detainees are in jail for nonviolent offenses like traffic, property, drugs or public order violations.”

Tony Robinson and Dontre Hamilton- two young black men murdered recently by law enforcement in Wisconsin cities Madison and Milwaukee, respectively. We have discussed Milwaukee’s historic oppression of people of color, and its position as the nation’s leading incarcerator of black males- is there a connection between widespread police abuse and hyper-policing of communities of color, and these periodic unexplainable black deaths?

A lot to cover on this episode- tell a friend, bring some folks to this discussion. We have got to strike a blow that cannot be taken back. What we do in response to this Federal report and these continuing race-based crimes will set up our future generations in a society of greater peace and understanding, or even greater persecution.

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