Thando Radio Show – De-dollarization… it is real and it is here

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Join host David Wren today as he discusses the de-dollarization. De-dollarization has been an ongoing issue and not really discussed by the mainstream as Russia and China slowly but surely attempt to “isolate” the US Dollar.

The Thando Radio Show covers global current events as relating and effecting the Black community to effectively respond from a position of advantage.

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2 Replies to “Thando Radio Show – De-dollarization… it is real and it is here”

  1. “It all sounds Greek to me”. I will have to re-play this program and others
    several times in order for it to sink in. Their is so much construction
    information in your programs that at times it is overwhelming; It is almost
    like learning a new language. Money is a language that I need to be aware
    of and this program has thus help me to understand that.

    Can you provide a brief out-line of what your Metals Class entails at
    some point in your upcoming shows?

    I take your closing statement to heart. ” Before you ask for a blessing, be
    a blessing… I have shared this powerful statement with family and friends
    and they all agree this is true.

    Thank you for adding a different dimension to the Black Talk Radio
    Network, line-up of programs.

    “Lord’s willing”, I will tune into your next program.

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