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On our previous broadcast we started what will become a part of our regular narrative here on The Abolitionist’s Daily- a thorough breakdown and explanation of the Fed’s report on Ferguson. Just like a book club, we’re going to read through this together, because its just that important to the movement. The government has given us an amazing tool, and we’re going to find a way to use it to end modern day slavery. Period.

In addition to our analysis, we will also look at the Mayor of Ferguson’s response. After all of the numbers, the quotes, the emails and obviousness of the truth, would you believe that he says Ferguson doesn’t have a race problem? Amazing.

We’ll also look at a report from the Vera Institute of Justice, which explains in detail about the numbers of people incarcerated and detained in America who are there for non-violent, drug, traffic or property related offenses..often “victimless” crimes, which have ballooned our numbers to up over 2 Million people. Their estimate is as high as 75% are so affected.

Our Unexplainable Black Death profile is Timothy Russell, Malissa Williams – fired upon at least 137 times by Cleveland Police, Nov. 29, 2012

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2 Replies to “The Abolitionist’s Daily – This Amazing Tool That The Feds Gave Us”

  1. Quotes on your program today:

    “Advocate for people who cannot get out of the trap.”

    “People that I produced through procreation that looked like me….
    that is why I care….my kids…..”

    Yes, that is so true, so many of our people our in a trap and just because
    they do not have the monetary means, they are terrorized for non-violent crimes. Thank you for sharing your experience on air of how you almost
    got entangled in the TRAP, but because you had the “mean green” you
    were able to get out. We have to understand that everyone’s financial
    position is different.

    I do hope that with this government tool, Black Folk can make a stronger
    case for Reparations.

    Yohanan, you made a statement that ” some people may tune into your
    program for entertainment purposes., and you will be happy to keep them
    entertained”. Were you being sarcastic? I don’t find your program anyway
    entertaining. Extremely informative, “yes”, entertaining. “no”.

    Having some uplifting soul music between your breaks would be nice. (smile).

    Thank you for trying to keep this program PG rated.

    1. Yes sister Lena, my comment about entertaining people was somewhat sarcastic- but there are people who think all of this is entertaining, instead of seeking enlightenment. I really appreciate you following the program and sharing what you learn here with others.

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