Black Talk Radio News – Analysis of the Ferguson fall out continues w/ Glen Ford of BAR

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Journalist, researcher and Black media producer Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report will join the program to discuss events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri.

Mr. Ford will call the studio around 4:10PM EST to share his analysis of the DOJ Report, Ferguson resignations and the Federal government’s light handed approach to dealing with what can only be described as criminal conspiracies and violations of the RICO Act which is a federal law used to target organizations that run racketeering operations. If you have questions you would like to ask Mr. Ford a question get in the speaker’s cue promptly.

Hour two of the program is more news coverage and open lines for callers through the conference line. Remember to hit star 6 and then 1 to add yourself to the speaker’s cue. Much to talk about, much to report.

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6 Replies to “Black Talk Radio News – Analysis of the Ferguson fall out continues w/ Glen Ford of BAR”

  1. I am still perplex. I don’t believe it is as simple as it SOUNDS.
    You have not outlined for me your plan of ACTION. The Abolitionist
    Movement NEEDS well defined goals and a plan of

    One can’t just say they want to END SLAVERY and not
    have a plan of action. Our people help end Chattel Slavery through
    Bloodshed, Rebellion, Legislation, Organization. What is your position?

    If your purpose is to Abolish 21st Century Slavery, how do you plan for
    it to be done??? What must we do to get to the finish line? Do we prefer people
    to know the 13th amendment and tell them Slavery never was abolished,unless you comitted a crime which means slavery in our prisons.. After
    they know this, what should they be doing next to end slavery??

    If someone were to ask you to come and speak about the Abolitionist
    Movement, what would you say? Do you have your evidence clearly in
    writing through books, leaflets, flyers, social media etc.?

    When Dr. Martin Luther King wanted to desegregate the buses of
    Montgomery Alabama, the people boycotted for 381 days until victory was
    achieved. MLK took the lead from beginning to the end. Their were
    clear defined goals, community organizing, outreach, media through
    leaflet circulation and radio. A STRATEGY THAT worked in the past.

    With all due respect, I do understand it has only been three years and as
    my mother always tell me “Rome was not built in a day.” I do understand
    that it takes time for change to come within our U.S.

    You are going to have to come out and make appearances about
    the why, where, how, and to what extinct of this movement. We need
    proof, hard-hitting facts that Mr, Yohanan presents every single day. We
    need books, pamphlets, flyers, or maybe an Abolitionist Newspaper
    that comes out once a week or month to make the case.

    1. You did not ask for a “plan of action”. You asked specific questions about what is an abolitionist, is a organization, do they pay dues, etc;.

      No to ask you second question, I can in fact say “End Slavery” if slavery exists and pointing out that exists and needs to be abolished is the first step in formulating plans. Over the course of three years we have not only shared possible strategies but others come on and share their strategies to end slavery.

      We say “Death By A Thousand Papercuts” or as Malcolm X stated, “By Any Means Necessary”. It is not incumbent on the one who recognizes something is wrong to formulate “The Plan” to end, if he has done his/her job in pointing it out to as many people as possible, it then becomes incumbent upon all to formulate a master plan to end it.

      Knowing how the system works and the enemy trolls the internet for insight into what people are planning that may be against state interest in maintaining said system, therefore, no one should be sharing master plans and plots on the internet.

      Thank you for your questions, hope my answers were useful.

    2. BTW, the suggestions you have made about flyers and speaking to the public, all of that is being done and has been done. These radio programs are part of the propaganda effort and has been a good tool in recruiting new abolitionists. You can lend a hand by speaking to everyone that you know and letting them know that slavery was never abolished and that we all need to come up with a plan to end it so lets get to work.

  2. Hi,

    Can someone give me some answers to my questions with respect to whom sets the standards for one to become an Abolitionist. When is this privilege revoked or renewed? Is it a privilege or is it honorary? Is it a life long endowment or a right? Is there tenure involved?

    Who is the master-mind behind this Abolitionist Movement? Will one become
    part of a club. Are there meetings? Dues? Expectations? Goals? Who judges
    you? Who expels you?

    As a child, we are always taught to question ” why, what, how, where and
    to what extinct of things. ….

    Your answers, please.

    1. I discovered the 13th Amendment did not abolish slavery 3 years ago. I then found a couple of people who acknowledged the same to host the program and we created New Abolitionists Radio to inform people of this fact. We then started an informal group called Move To Abolish 21st Century Slavery and Human Trafficking on Facebook to spread the movement. To be an abolitionist one simply has to acknowledge that slavery in the USA has never been abolished and work in any capacity to end it. It is as simple as that. Hope I answered your questions.

  3. From the question that Max asked Mr. Ford about what he thinks about abolishing 21st Century Slavery, from his answer, I could draw the conclusion that he is just not there yet. Within time, I am sure he will come around. Or
    maybe he feels that he is there in terms of the good works that he does with
    putting out The Black Agenda Report.

    What is it that you would want Mr. Ford to do differently that he is not doing to
    justify to Black Talk News that he is on board with the Modern Day Abolitionist

    Maybe many of your guests may feel that being an Abolitionist is a big
    pill to swallow. They may feel that they do not measure up to that name.

    I certainly feel that I could never walk in the shoes of, Harriet Tubman,
    Fredrick Douglass, Sojourner Truth and others.These people put their
    lives on the line for us. They worked tirelessly day in and day out to help
    bring people out of bondage. They did so so much.for Black Folk.That is why their names are in our history books.

    I think just maybe the wording should be prefaced differently when you ask your guests this question. For example “Are you on board with ending Modern Day Slavery as it relates to the 13th Amendment.”

    To say that a person is an Abolitionist is such a GRANDEUR term, it denotes
    to me such greatness.

    I am just thinking out loud……

    What are the qualifications to be a Modern Day Abolitionist? Can one
    be an Abolitionist and be a Domestic Terrorist, Rapist, Child Molester
    etc…… A pastor of a church can still pastor the church if the congregation
    wants him too. Who tells us if we are no longer deemed fit to be a
    Modern Day Abolitionist? Who set the rules and standards? Does
    one good deed make you an Abolitionist?

    When we speak of the Great Abolitionist’s as I mentioned earlier, these people
    put in the HARD WORK, they showed consistency. It was never just a
    “one hit”, or ‘one home run”. Their good works were life-long.

    What can I do? I can help as much as I can. I again will never be
    able to walk in their shoes, but as my Chairman says….” I can bring
    my own.”

    Do I feel that the cop shooting in Ferguson was a set-up by provocateurs
    “yes.” And should we look for prosecutions for unlawful acts that was committed by the Ferguson Police Department under the RICO act, “yes”, but as Glenn Ford says….:that aint going to happen.” ” I agree.”

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