2 cops at the racist Ferguson PD reportedly shot at rally

3-12-2015 3-16-59 AM

By Scotty Reid

Has the revolution begun or is it another African rebellion rising from the boot of oppression in St. Louis County, Missouri? We can not tell at this point but things have turned violent once again in Ferguson.

Corporate outlets are reporting that two officers were shot after members of the Ferguson Police Department confronted residents who gathered outside the Ferguson police department to celebrate the resignation of Police Chief Thomas Jackson. Jackson oversaw the enforcement wing of the criminal racketeering ring described in the recently released department of justice report on policing in Ferguson.

The Saint Louis Post Dispatch reports,

“Two police officers were hit by gunfire early Thursday outside the Ferguson police department.

The shots were fired as police were confronting protesters who had gathered outside the police station.

Ferguson Lt. Col. Al Eickhoff said he didn’t think either of the officers were from his department. He also didn’t know the extent of their injuries. Eickhoff was not at the scene at the time of the shooting but he said he was headed there.

A police source said one of the officers is a St. Louis County officer and the other a Webster Groves officer. The source said both officers are expected to survive. The officers were taken to Barnes-Jewish Hospital, where there was a large number of police vehicles.”

No Ferguson official is facing criminal prosecution by the state of Missouri or by the Federal government which many legal analyst believe the Justice Department could make a strong case for RICO violations.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, according to Wikipedia, “is commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.”

According to the DOJ report, several employees of the City of Ferguson  colluded together to create revenue streams for the city by targeting the Black residents of Ferguson. The actions of the employees of the government of Ferguson not only violated the constitutional rights of the residents but their human rights under the CERD treaty which the United States is a signatory and anything less than criminal prosecutions is tantamount to a cover up and a failure to live up to its obligation to its residents and the international community.

Clearly the atmosphere of lawlessness that Ferguson officials created by their own lawlessness has manifested itself in the shooting of two cops in Ferguson in front of the police department. The shooting seems like a logical reaction to someone who can sympathize with those who suffer under the harsh boot of an oppressor but no one has been implicated or arrested for the alleged shooting  and without a shooter or shooters, all one is engaging in is speculation on who fired shots and who their intended targets were. Two cops being shot from what has been described as a far distance, perhaps 100 yards away does not mean the police were the intended targets if someone was intending to shoot into a crowd of people gathered there to wish resigning Police Chief Tom Jackson on his way.

What action needs to happen at this point is for teams of psychiatrists and other mental health workers sent in to assess the mental and emotional trauma inflicted on residents by living with white terrorism for years. The wrong response is for authorities to overreact once again and bring out the tanks, snipers, dogs and federally imposed no fly zones.

Before the shots rang out peaceful protesters were reportedly chanting ” “Racist cops have got to go”. The Federal government has failed to protect the alleged constitutional rights of the Black residents of Ferguson and it represents a monumental failure of those tasked to safeguard their rights. In Washington DC right now politicians are picking sides and going on corporate propaganda outlets to rabble rouse and blame the victims of the tyrannical government described in the DOJ report.

Meanwhile the man who lit the powder keg when he gunned down unarmed teen Michael Brown is sitting somewhere in the world watching it all on his big screen tv and counting whats left of the half-million dollar retirement fund set up by racist suspects who love killer cops. It should not be lost on anyone that Darren Wilson only came to the Ferguson PD after he was fired from the Jennings PD which is right down the road from Ferguson and it was disbanded for the same racist practices and patterns for which no one was criminally prosecuted.

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