New Abolitionists Radio – Admission of Slavery, A Young Abolitionist, and Ferguson’s Denial

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March 11th 2015…

Today we will be joined by Frederick Spida Rice “The Abolitionist”. A young brother out of Columbia, SC named after famed abolitionist Fredrick Douglass and member of the Freeman brothers and sisters.
A Pro Black community base non-profit organization that Supports Education, research and a Self-Growth center.

Our stories for tonight’s program include;

· “America never Abolished Slavery”
That is the title of a well written viral article by Angela F. Chan published in the Huff Post Politics blog. The message is out. The truth is clear.

· The justice department’s finding on the Ferguson police and courts is being mirrored across the nation with many cities sharing previously unpublished yet available statistics. Let’s examine a few starting with Boston.

· The mayor of Ferguson has rejected the findings out of hand. We think this is a perfect example of how white denial works. Forget facts, stats or investigations. All that matters is what a white person in authority thinks. We will also report on the resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson- as well as other high ranking Ferguson officials who have also stepped down, further vindicating the warriors who resisted their mistreatment.

· We’ll discuss our own opinions of the Fergus report from an abolitionist’s perspective. It’s a great deal different from modern slavery supporter’s views by a long shot.

In honor of March 10th being the official day to celebrate her legacy, our Abolitionist In Profile will be HARRIET ROSS TUBMAN (1819-1913)

This week’s Rider Of The 21st Century Underground Railroad is Tony Yarbough. DNA evidence conclusively exonerated Tony and on February 6, 2014, he went home with his extended family, after 7,903 days in custody suffering for the most terrible of crimes which he did not commit.

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