Black Talk Radio News – Are Black separatist movements hate groups?

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Today we will have an open forum for callers to share their observations on the week in news.

During the broadcast, we want to share information from the Southern Poverty Law Center latest report on hate groups in the United States of America. Interestingly Black separatist movements are considered hate groups according to SPLC but the report provides no information on hate crimes committed by members of these “black separatist” groups.

The report did state that “an SPLC study last year found that in the prior five years, registered users of Stormfront had murdered close to 100 people. In their cases, the forum seems to have helped cultivate their thirst for violence or at least nurtured and rationalized their ideological hatreds.”

Check out the report The Year in Hate and Extremism and share your observations and opinions.

According to an interactive map produce by the SPLC, in North Carolina, there are allegedly 24 “hate groups” in the state included several Black organizations including Nation of Islam chapters.

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