Race Treaty w/ Robin Benton – Ferguson: Human Rights vs. Corporate Rights & Civil Rights

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Corporations are created by the government and the protections that we were told were designated to free those enslaved in America have been used to create slaves which is in the interest and contributes to the furtherance of institutional racism/ white supremacy.

Recently, The Supreme Court of the United States gave corporations the same rights as living breathing human beings while allowing corporations to prey upon living breathing human beings under the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution are right into the slavery industry run by corporations in partnership with state and federal officials.

Tonight Robin Benton will be joined by Dr. Mustafa Ansari to discuss Civil Rights vs. Human Rights and Jurisdictional issues and the opportunity for Ferguson to Enact Human Rights laws into Municipal Law.

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One Reply to “Race Treaty w/ Robin Benton – Ferguson: Human Rights vs. Corporate Rights & Civil Rights”

  1. “The results of Jim Crow laws were not just degrading, they were deadly. Dr. Charles R. Drew, whose research on blood plasma led to the development of blood banks and who was the head of the American Red Cross blood banks in WWII, bled to death on his way to the colored hospital, which was further away, because the white hospital refused to treat him. An uncounted number of black accident victims died because they were denied help by “white” ambulances, hospitals and doctors. Corporations, on the other hand, hijacked the Fourteenth Amendment and have used it to consolidate their power in the U.S. and the world. Corporations have gained many of the inalienable rights of humans guaranteed by the Bill of Rights with their status as “persons” under the Fourteenth Amendment. Through their right of free speech they have captured our legislatures and regulatory agencies. They have used the key to the courts that the Fourteenth Amendment provides them to invalidate legislation that might have slipped through their control of the legislative process. One hundred and fifty years of investing wealth in lawyers and using those lawyers to flood the courts with the corporate perspective on the law has led to corporate culture defining the world through law. The provisions of law corporate lawyers argued for in U.S. courts in the 19th century they now write into international trade agreements. The U.S. economy’s colonization by corporations serves as the model for the colonization of the world by multinational corporations.” -http://reclaimdemocracy.org/…/fourteenth_amendment…

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