The Abolitionist’s Daily – Ferguson’s False Flag, Florida’s DOC Employees Come Clean

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Ferguson has experienced a police shooting, which is looking rather suspect. We’ll compare timelines between Ferguson and NYPD, as both have experienced highly publicized police shootings recently, and both followed after very public analysis of police criminality.

We told you recently about Florida Sen. Greg Evers’ reports of FDOC employees contacting him and wanting to speak out about the torture and rampant abuses now being investigated by his subcommittee. Well they came to Tallahassee and gave their sworn oath testimonies, and we’ll discuss it with you.

A UN torture investigator accused the United States on Wednesday of stalling on his requests to visit its prisons where 80,000 people are in solitary confinement and to interview inmates at Guantanamo on his terms. Juan Mendez, special rapporteur on torture, has sought for more than two years to enter US prisons, including maximum-security facilities, to check on conditions. UN human rights experts have asked to visit Guantanamo since 2004.

In a five-day national dragnet last week called Operation Cross Check, ICE officials say they captured over 2,000 “dangerous criminals”. We’ll look into the specifics, and tell you all about how these felonious asylum seekers were such a threat as to require major tax dollars to go round them up. Most of their felonies were from them crossing the border illegally.

Our Unexplainable Black Death profile is Terrance Shurn, killed in a police car chase, in a Michigan town running rampant with its own history of police corruption.

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