Let’s Build with Doshon Farad – Ferguson/DOJ’s report and War with Iran

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Tonight we’ll be speaking with the founder of Black Cops against Police Brutality (BCAP) Fmr. New Jersey police Sergeant De Lacy Davis and New Black Panther Party Saint Louis Chapter Chairwoman Dacia Polk about the Department of Justice’s report on Ferguson and police racial profiling there and across the country.

And on segment two we’ll be speaking with Republican strategist Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria and Democratic strategist Roy Paul on the Iran controversy. Are Republicans trying to push the U.S. into another very costly war? Please feel free to call in to voice your comments, questions, or concerns. We’d love to hear from you. LET’S BUILD!!!

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One Reply to “Let’s Build with Doshon Farad – Ferguson/DOJ’s report and War with Iran”

  1. What was reported in Ferguson is widely known in this area there are more municipalities just like it here.

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