The Abolitionist’s Daily – Sen. Cam Ward Scheming To Enslave

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Cam Ward is selling government services to private companies that exploit forced prison labor. Sen. Ward receives kickbacks in the form of campaign contribution, while Alabama taxpayers foot the bill for housing, food, etc with a 400 million dollar budget, while the businesses get rich and the families of those incarcerated receive no help from their loved ones who work for free. The FAM puts the Senator on blast.

Former private prison workers blows the whistle on abuse. We tell you every day what the private prisons do to exploit our laws, taxes, and destroy human lives.. but listen to it in their own words.

We’ll take a look at a piece written by our own Black Talk Radio Network Founder, Scotty Reid, which suggests that America’s current story on abolishing slavery could in fact be the result of the greatest media campaign in this nation’s history.

The CEO of Corizon Health Inc. — a Tennessee-based company that is under consideration for a $66 million D.C. inmate health care contract— is accusing D.C. Councilman David Grosso of undermining the city’s procurement process. We’ll tell you what CEO Woody Meyers had to say about his company not getting their way with the D.C. contract.

Our Unexplainable Black Death profile is Louis Kimbro.


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