Black Talk Radio News – How do you define an abolitionist? “Super Predators”, teens and cops

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During today’s first hour we will attempt to define who is and who is not an abolitionist? What should abolitionists be doing? Is there an abolitionist’s creed and if not should one be written? How do you write an abolitionist’s creed? Do you hold a convention where abolitionist delegates work on coming up with a creed. Who picks the delegates thus deciding who is and who is not an “Abolitionist”?

Scotty Reid defines an abolitionist as “a person who believes that people are being enslaved both “legally” and illegally in various forms and work in any capacity towards ending slavery”.

Others who consider themselves abolitionists believe that to be recognized as an abolitionist, one has to meet specific criteria. What do you think? How do you define an abolitionist?

Joining us today during the second hour is activist, teen advocate and youth counselor Mr. Shareef Hameed. MR. Hameed says parents should be informing themselves, informing their family and friends about the Super Predator Myth created in the 80’s by professors at Princeton University, one of America’s oldest universities founded by white supremacists and is one of the nine Colonial Colleges established before the American Revolution The Super Predator Report said the public should be on high alert for inner city youth that will be Godless, remorseless, jobless, killers, etc.

Today places like Ferguson all around the country are impacted negatively by the overt racism and white supremacy being promoted as policy by America’s so-called “greatest Minds” in the country. All of this connects directly to today’s legal mass enslavement of black youth. Please research the term “Super Predator”.

Is “Hood Disease” real and is it leading to doctors and Big Pharma over medicating children? How are black females doing in the school environment? Are they being targeted more than black male students are?

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