Tanya Free & Friends Talk Show – Race and racism dominating lives in America

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This week’s topics include:

  • Race and racism continue to dominate our lives. Tensions are high after the shooting of two Police officers outside the Ferguson Missouri Police Department during demonstrations demanding more changes after the resignation of the Police Chief, including the disbanding of the entire police department and the resignation of the Mayor. Now there are those that are blaming the demonstrations and  peaceful protesters for the shooting.
  • Days after the University of Oklahoma ousted Sigma Alpha Epsilon from its campus following a viral video of members singing a racist chant, some in the media have found a way to blame the hip hop community and culture for a  group of young White kids singing about excluding and murdering Blacks kids
  • Top-ranking Secret Service officials including the second-in-charge of President Obama’s own personal detail are suspected to have been drinking when they drove through a barrier at the White House. This incident is the latest in a string of embarrassments and scandals at the agency over the last three years. The agents have reportedly been assigned to “non-operational” duties.
  • Univision’s Rodner Figueroa fired for Michelle Obama comment
  • Part-time Ferguson mayor in the spotlight

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