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We promised you there would be an ongoing stream of information flowing out of Ferguson and that DOJ report that highlighted police/municipal/judicial corruption, racism and the seeds of slavery. Today we bring you evidence from the top 15 states engaging in criminal justice debt bondage/slavery.

We will compare this report’s evidence to an article from Red State News, which explains the dangerous national reaction to the DOJ report on Ferguson, and how whites and conservatives are most often writing off the entire affair. With an eye on the top 15 report we’re already presenting, we will continue to build a case for continuing criminal conspiracy.

A San Francisco public defender releases racial justice recommendations, and finds up to 1,000 cases may be tainted by bigoted officers. As we have said before- it all starts with those who police us.

Finally, from the ACLU there is a report asking “Can You Think of a Better Way to Spend $7.2 Billion Than Unnecessarily Locking Up Nonviolent Offenders and Undocumented Immigrants?”- and we will not only pose the question, but explain some of the many myriad issues that we face as a nation, as a result of these financial incentives to enslave.

Our Unexplainable Black Death Profile is 38-year-old Jason Harrison, killed at the front door of his home by Dallas Police, for holding a screwdriver.


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