The Abolitionist’s Daily – Just The Facts And Stats: Part II

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We still have a long list of statistics and facts found by experts, which we need to share with you- as you help in the fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking. All of this information is coming from reports and studies which have gone on for several years of investigation and many thousands of hours of work done by experts.

We’ll take a look at the two opposing stories concerning Corizon Health currently in the news; in Minnesota they have to pay up for the death of a man in custody..but in D.C. they are pulling out all the stops, still fighting to get that lucrative contract for the D.C. jails.

In Arizona a bill has flown through the state legislature which makes it illegal to disclose the names of cops who kill citizens. Outrageous.

Our Unexplainable Black Death Profile is Steven Washington- an unarmed autistic man who was gunned down by LAPD when he simply turned around to face them.

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