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Today’s Topics:

  • Indiana Governor Mike Pence signs “Religious Freedom Bill” that will allow business owners to deny services to same sex couples.
  • Former University of Oklahoma student captured on video reciting racist chants offered a public apology last week flanked by African Americans.
  • A Germanwings co-pilot is believed to have locked the pilot out of the cockpit, deliberately setting the plane on a lethal descent into the French Alps last week.
  • Driving while Black in Michigan can be dangerous if you are driving a Cadillac.
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3 Replies to “Tanya Free & Friends Talk Show – Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” law”

  1. Cosign what the guest said. That this law will remove penalty from discrimination AND THAT IS HOW THEY DO THINGS. Legislation.

  2. It starts with gay and lesbian and we all know what will come after that. This country is going backwards. They will be able to do this to WHOMEVER!

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