Another police killing another snuff film to add to the pile


by Scotty Reid

Eric Courtney Harris was 44 years old when he was killed by police and today is the latest snuff film to go viral after the release of video of Mr. Harris being chased down by a posse of police and police reserves. Mr. Harris who allegedly sold a firearm illegally to an undercover police agent on April 2 and after a chase ensues he is seen giving up seeing that he is surrounded by officers and patrol cars in an obvious sting that included back up. While being secured quite violently by at least three officers while he lay on the ground when he is shot “accidentally” by Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, a 73 year old who apparently instead of joining a white militia, joined the one officially sanctioned by the state of Oklahoma in his county. Bates is seen in full tactical gear which suggests he was in on the operation.

What was Robert Bates doing out there armed that day is the first question asked?

Bates clearly intended to torture Harris with a tazer Eric Courtney Harris while the man he was subdued and complaint. While it would be hard to prove Bates intended to kill, certainly the video demonstrates an intent to harm Mr. Harris. Why would you tazer someone being handcuffed? You would think retired white men in their seventies would be doing all their shooting on the golf course but I guess hunting people is more fun.

Bates is no different than all those San Bernardino County Sheriff deputies were caught on film by a news crew beating a compliant suspect. Francis Jared Pusok, 30, of Apple Valley, was hospitalized with unknown injuries after being tazed and beaten by a gang of deputies on April 9. The only difference is that Eric Courtney Harris is dead as a result of Bates actions.

Another cop present at the killing of Mr. Harris can be heard on the video from what appears to be a body cam, saying “f**k your breath” as Mr. Harris pleaded for air while proclaiming that Bates shot him. Bates admits shooting Mr. Harris on camera as he clumsily drops his firearm on the ground but Bates has yet to be charged with anything. Mr. Harris was one of four killed by police on April 2, 2015 in the United States.

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